We aim to create mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships with our customers. The following FAQ intended to provide a correct path for our clients in processing products. 

1.Choose equipment with sound mechanical performance,the saw with sharp edge and thickness from 1.5mm to 2.2mm.Before every cutting,be noted to grind the edge of saw blade with firebrick for duration not less than 15minutes,The diameter of chosen saw rangers from φ350mm to φ400mm (special saw blade is better).

2.Pay attention to cutting speed during cutting slab and normal speed shall be 2.5m/min-5m/min;when the blade is cutting into and taking off from the slab,keep a low speed,to avoid slab edge or border being broken;the rotate speed of cutter and main blade shall be around 2500r/min.Higher RPM would have betting efficiency.

3.When cutting tiles which have a dimension 1000x1000mm,be sure the slab is steady on the sutting machine.Swaying of the slab would cause damages when cutting.

4.The well-cut slabs shall be separated by pearl cotton in deposit,to avoid being damaged.

5.The tiles shall be processed by using the machining of border grinding and edge rounding,which glass straight border grinding machine maybe used.During slab grinding,pelase note the force that each grinding head bears,and the grinding/cutting volume of each emery wheel shall not be over 1mm.keep the main starp of grinding machine being in accordance with slab-in strap horizontal,otherwise,uneven will coccur to the slab.Grinding wheel shall be used for the edge/border polishing.if not available portable water grinder may be used.

6.In heteromorphic table machining or water basin hole drilling,please choose φ35 glass aiguilles,and mark the outline of the hole,then drill several small hole around the hole with stone materials or glass dedicated aiguilles;be noted to drill holes at four corners with cooling water being used.At the same time,the cutting blade shall be well ground on the fire brick for operation;operation gently in cutting;if the slab cannot be wholly separated in one cut,please cut with several come-and-goes and cooling water being used.Dry-grinding shall be avoided to prevent slab from broken.

7.In arc border rounding,please mark it at first and form the outline with hand grinder,then polish it with portable water grinder,with operation method the same with that of other stone materials.What shall be noted is that dry-grinding is to be avoided and water cooling being applied in polishing.In border thickening,both surfaces to be joined shall be roughed with grinder.then be cleaned.For French border machining,cut the line out from the cutter at first,then grinding with above method,and the optimal effect will be abtained.

8.For 45°back beveling,the gradient of the main blade on the cutter shall be adjust by hand,and the working table shall be cleaned,then adjust positing slab.It is better that a layer of rubber be placed on the working table,then put slab on it to avoid the polished surface being scratched;prior to machining,saw shall be ground and wate level shall be checked,and keep a slow speed in operation.

9.In stair slabs machining and skid proof groves forming;the stair slabs shall be thickened edge-rounded and 45°-angled,with the operation illustrated in item 6 and 7 being followed.Pay attention to the border of heteromophic slap.It is better that back-cutting be used for the border ctting and follow client's requirements in skid proof groove forming.During groove forming,hand turning border cutter shall be used,and groove width and depth shall be well adjusted.and saw blade(in 2.4mm thickness)be chosen according to the width;generally install 2 saw blades on the machine,and shall add/reduce saw blades bassed on the groove sizes;the form groove shall be polished the portable water grinder.

10.For steel hanging slab edge groove forming,fixing panel shall be used on the working table of hand turning edge cutter,and clamp the slab to be machined vertically.then well adjust working table,and add/reduce saw blades according to machining demand.

11.Handle carefully in finished products deposit;stack them vertically and do not stack too much at a single place to prevent slabs from being damaged. At every moment of every day, Shunsen’s products are helping to enhance the quality of stone for people around their buildings.whether our products are used to floorboards or wall space, the insulation to increase homes’ efficiency and comfort. Shunsen products are the basic of your daily life that improve your life quality become stronger, more affordable, more durable and more reliable.

Crystallized Glass Stone is a latest building material and its application and constrution method differ greatly from that of natural stone.Be careful.

1.Protection of surface protective film:The surface protective film pasted ex works can resist pollution and prevent scatching by sand grains.And it can be removed only after the completion of the project and being thoroughly cleaned.

2.cutting:The cry stallized glass stone has high hardness and density with texture like jade.Therefore,following measure should be taken when cutting:
1)Give priority to stable cutting machine with brand diamond saw blade for crystallized glass stone.If unavailable,marble cutter (granite machine is not applicable)with diamond saw blade can be applied. 
2)Ensure sufficient cooling wawter to damage or explosive disruption to saw blade caused by overheat.
3)Always keep the saw blade forward in one way and draw it back after tiles have been removed to prevent accidental damages to the crystallized glass stone when returning.
4)Handheld electric marble saw is hard to operate and should be operated by trained and experienced workers.Ensure cooling water ejected aiming at the cutting position all the time.Cut a shallow slot first as a guiding slot for following cutting to ensure smooth cutting and avoid damages caused by swinging of the blade.
5)De to high waring of cutting edge,the blade should be edged timely to ensure the sharpness of the diamond cutting edge.No matter which cutter you choose,excellent edging materials should be ensured.And common refractory fireclay block is recommended.

3.Laying:Oragnic glues with approriate flexibility are recommended to bind the tiles.Application of traditional slush technique in laying on the floor may cause cracks to some tiles.In biew of this,improving measures are as follows;
1)It is necessary to add saw dust of proper amount to both bedding of the slush and plain cement directly pasted to the bottom of the bricks.
2)Aregards the type of cement,the strength of the cement for the bedding should be lower than 400#,and better to be 350#.plain cement should appy 275# white cement.
3)Recommended amount of addition of saw dust is respectively10-15% and 5-7% for bedding slush and plain cement and should be applied according to specified amount after o-site test for specific engineering situations.On the premise of not influencing mixing performance,the amount shouble be as large as possible.Add a little 107 liquid cement if necessary.
4)Brickwok joint should be washed clean before joint filling.Paste the four sides of the tile along the joints with color protective paper and then carry out operation wiht appropriate filler.